texture / lighting excercise

well this is what ive been doing the past few days, and what ive come up with


its pretty much to teach myself how to do the above. what do you think?

i need to just polish off the moon and the sky, i know.

p.s. i couldnt decide wether this was a WIP or not, but then decided it was more finished than not, so i posted here. please move it if its in the wrong place.


by day:


which is better?

I like the nighttime scen better, It has more atmosphre.

Day time scene is too plain. Like all things, when you see them in the morning.

I also like the night scene better.

A couple of comments:

  1. the walls are very shiny for stucco. I would turn down the specularity.
  2. for the day scene, I would make the sunshine coming in the window the warmer of the two light sources (I assume that the other one is from a light bulb or something). At any rate, in the day time one would expect warm light coming in the window and the rest of the room sort of washed out in reflected light.

okay, ill ditch the daytime scene, and its supposed to be stone… ah well, ill back off the spec a little…

wise decision, the nighttime one is far better. :smiley:

Is this better?

Wall’s spec still too high

Stair’s shadow is funny


Nice job
but I dont like the moon and the sun


no DON’t ditch the day time scene!

keep working on the sucka, you might get it looking amazing :slight_smile:

of course, you can only work on one thing at a time I guess… maybe the walls and floors are alittle bare and plain… it’s looking very … generated.

cheers for the crits guys

ive updated the pic now, put my tiles in. my pc is down right now, so i cant show you the version with better tiles and lighting, but it’ll come


okay, its uploaded, use the above link…

I like those tiles, and lightsources look very good. Only crit I find is the moon, it looks little weird.

Otherwise I like it.

you couldnt elaborate on that at all could you? its only a clouds texture with white and grey, with emit on, so i understand it needs to be better, but in what way?

edit hows this?

A big improvement on the first ones - the textures are much nicer. I don’t know how picky you want to be, but if it were me, I’d turn down the brightness and saturation of the sky a bit.

Nice pic, the only thing I have is the texture on the stairs. Look at the sizes of the three blocks that comprise the stairs. I would suggest altering the texture’s position so that you have two block making up each stair. You may need to separate the stairs from the floor and give them a unique material to do this. Other than that, I like the lighting and feel of the work.

As to the sun/moon just keep experimenting with textures until you find something you like, and make sure you over sample the image. One of the suns/moons looked jagged.

Good work.

Paul Thompson

you couldnt elaborate on that at all could you? its only a clouds texture with white and grey, with emit on, so i understand it needs to be better, but in what way

Allright… I still did not like the moon very much. So here is my suggestion what you could try out.

Firts thing, lighten those shaded areas on the surface of the moon a little bit. I think that they are too dark when compared on the lighter surface.

After you’ve done that put a spot light behind the moon and let it produce a halo around the moon. This makes the moon look like it would be shiníng at the sky.

Oh yeah, and maybe some stars?? That’s up to you of course.

Otherwise I like this picture very much. :smiley:

Superb Gfx, the improvements have certainly paid off. I agree with Hippie about the moon needing a halo/back light of some sort.
Maybe make the light through the archway a halo spot with some tweaked volumetrics.

The moon’s surface is not too bad, the darker patches should represent the craters and mountains on the moon, which IMHO should be slightly lighter than you have them now.

All in though, a nice composition with a nice atmosphere and the wall tiles are very good.


the image looks pretty good, my only crits being related to the moon.
As other’s have said, the dark patches are too dark
im not sure if it’s just me, but the moon doesn’t seem round enough. How many verts did you use on the circle?
The shadows/lighting caused by the moon through the window doesn’t seem right. If it was the actual moon the light would be a lot more parallel, while in the pic in branches out like the light source is just outside the window. (which it probably is) If you wanna fix it, just lower the cone width alot and move it back far enough so it still covers the area.

I happen to like the specularity on the tiles, but they could use a bit of difference for each tile. Maybe even model a few different ones for more realism.

woah! i diddnt realise you guys were still commenting! thanks!

i completely agree with all of your comments, however, i have gained what i wanted to from this <better lighting and texturing> and am currently working on my secret project, of which only sonix has seen <keep yer mouth shut boy>. thanks again guys.