texture/lighting help

I’m getting very discouraged as I know so very little about blender and modeling(am trying to learn more obviously), and am trying to make a metal texture that looks like plastic and i’m sure the lighting has something to do with it.

Does anyone have any suggestions as how to make a nice metal texture…what i’m going for is a vault door handle. Is there any tutorial or anything either that helps with that kind of stuff, i’m trying to learn as I go, but end up getting intimidated when I run into acronyms i know nothing of and the like :p.



well id start by adding some reflections using raymirrior, but you would need a scene for it to reflect or else it will turn to the background color and look weird
then id tweak it by adding some rust maybe
then play with specularity settings
sorry i cant remember and tutorials at the moment lol

Do you need it for an animation or for a still, and how long may an image render?

If you need it for a still, I like the examples from the releasenotes (Voronoi)

If you need them for an animation and time is a critical factor, it will get a bit more difficult (and not so good looking).

Hey nice one SoylentGreen!! thanks a lot!

for some reason i can’t get into myfilehut right now…but what problems occur when I try to use the texture for animation? (I do plan on it yes)

Well, the flash file (the second link) shows some materials that render a factor (at least) 20 times faster than the first materials, because they don’t need raytracing. That they are not so good looking is not so important in an animation, otoh it depends on the overal look of your animation what kind of materials you would like.

Superrealistic? Comic? Halfway? Abstract?

If you like I can also post the blend-file for the materials (I haven’t created them myself just to mention that).

thanks a ton, first of all, for helping me out. I’m going for a more superrealistic mood, also, i’ve been looking for something to help make and animate mist in motion so that any looping is seem-less. I haven’t looked too hard so far so that’s not a big deal.

But yeah, thanks again for all your help on this. If you get the mats is there anything on how they were made…I’m trying to learn as I go, i’m not a fan of dependency. If not that’s cool.

Using a toon diffuse shader at it’s default settings works quite well with no additional tweeking necessary

The “no raytracing metal” uses some very clever texturing concepts. The basics are in the manual, it’s more about combining (and experimenting)…


i’m lazy, so I use the metals already defined in the blender texture library. See BlenderNation for info and downloading it. Then use file->append to bring in the metal. Personally, I like gold. lots of it.