Texture & lighting problem.???

hey everyone…
im needing to make a chrome effect…

ive searched blender and wiki.
and no tutorial i have found have described in propper detail how to do it.?

if anyone can help me out.
this would be awsome.

Turn the color to black or gray. Click on the Mirror Transp tab in the panel to the right of the Material Panel (the one in which you set colors), and turn on Ray Mirror. Now turn the RayMir slider to a level you like. To experiment more, you can try the Fresnel in conjunction with the Fac slider. It may also be useful to change the specular color and the mirror color in the Material panel by clicking on the buttons Spe, Mir, respectively.

Chrome is nearly a mirror. Set Ray Mirror well over 0.7. Turn Ref at about (or below) 0.2 (try to keep ray mirror + ref ~= 0.9), set spec to 0.9x and spec Hard at about 70.

These are the results ove got… with the settings and the light set up.
is there anything i can do to make it look real.
atm it looks too plastic…
thanks for your help…
ps: sorry for image size

rendered and textured but weird looking.