Texture linked to camera movement ?!

Hi !
following problem:

i have worked on a scene with two characters, which have nice textures mapped to their bodys and everything looks fine.

but when i now move the camera the textures seem to be linked to it like when i move the cam left the texture on my character rotates also left !
but i want the texture to stay like it is !
where is the button for that setting ?

for map input i got :Object,flat,x,y,z


The object-button means that the texture gets its mapping information from the object whose name is written in the box right of that button. I think thats where your problems come from.

If you have a character, you might want to look up uv-mapping.

yeah thanxx thats`it !
didn´t even know that you can write an object in !

it seems like when you don´t write an object in blender links it to the cam.

now i have the texture linked to the cam and when i link it to the object it gets weird. is there a way to let the texture like it is and don´t have to remake it when?

like just unlink and stay like you are ?

Use ORCO (original co-ordinates) mapping so the texture is mapped to the coordinates of the faces of the object it is on.