Texture map generator

Guys, someone can indicate a good texture map generator?

textures for WHAT???
rock ?
Brick ? ( what type )
stone ?
aluminum siding ?
grass ?
floor tile ?

What ?

use the blender nodes and different types of noise

Normal Map, Bump, Occlusion. In fact taking an image and generate those maps.

Like Crazy bump, but better :smiley:

Normal Map, Bump, Occlusion.

this is already built in to blender
you can bake normals and bumps( 32 bit float exr or 16 bit tif’s ) and AO maps

there is really no good way to take a single image that is shaded ( shadows in it )
and convert that photo to a normal map

for a normal map from a image you need a HeightMap like a DEM

from a shaded image here is an example i posted last night
a MRO HiRISE image from mars

for a certain type of image “Shape from Shade” can be used to make a height map
a height map like this
from this image


I know, but theres a software who can do it? Not inside blender.

thx for the help guys!

You can use the bump node to generate displacement in blender, But if you were going to process heightmaps that way for export it could become tedious.