Texture map stencil for particles

Can I have a texture map affect the placement of particles on my mesh? Basically for creating a bit more accuracy with eyebrows on my head model without editing the mesh. Is that possible?


you can think of a weight paint as a kind of texture map that controls where the particles emit from.

That is a bit unspecific because the faces around the eyebrow region are quite big, and the particles emit from outside of those faces anyway.

Ideally, I’d like to control exactly the area the particles emit from with the texture map, can that be done?

I believe it can be done, but only for hair or grass.

Both a No you shouldn’t and a Yes you can, but you’ll have to use the PAttr (particule attributes) button in the material setting for the texture you want to use then turn down the dVar value(it has moved from the particlesettings themselves). this is however more suited for type length/density etc. for “mapping” particles on a model imo as it’s not really that exact. To get the result I believe you’re after, you’ll have to give that material only to the “eyebrow faces” and let it control length/density and rather use the “particle mode” to place actual strands as a guide for your particule children wich will then utilize the texture and mappings you give it.
If you do this with a single map on your whole model I doubt the result will be pleasing, even for a loving mother.
Think of it this way; if you want to utilize ~16 faces for particles on let’s say a 5-10k poly model You will want to use maybe 128 up to a max of 512 pixel texture on it’s settings. to achieve the same amount of precision the smaller textures give on that space you’d have to have a total size on your map on many k’s
Most of it would be pure black or white leaving only a seriously small strip for your brows. Also consider that many imageformats degrade the colorvalues in images so if you’re one of those jpeg fellas you’d end up having hair coming out of your toons navel and inbetween the toes due to artifacts.