Texture map types : Tutorials?

Im searching for a detailed tutorial on painting/creating detailed bump/diffuse/ specularity maps for use with color maps for use with organic models. Searched the net but no luck. Any good tutorials by a Blender user?
I want to know how to convert my painted color maps into bump/diffuse/ specularity. eg. turn into greyscale image…



take what you learn there and put your own spin on it

Don’t take a screenshot, use theeth’s script to export the UV layout (included in Blender).

This tutorial might be helpfull regarding texturing of organic models.
Doesn’t describe specular maps though…not many tuts do as they are, as far
as I’ve understood, just black and white images in which black means no
specular and white means 100% specular.

//The M.h.p.e.