Texture mapping and partial reflection

I have a quick question. I was wondering if there were any examples of texture mapping with partial reflection. Say you have a plane with just one material. How could you have reflection on just a part of the whole surface?

I want to texture a car with just one material, but with texture channels for diffuse color, specularity intensity, alpha intensity and reflection. Any pointers on this are much appreciated.

Hi love blender. Thanks for your reply. Maybe my posting was a bit confusing but I’m talking about Texture Mapping Reflection, no dynamic reflection using the render texture.

I see.

I wish i could help but this is too advance for me, sorry!

To illustrate what I mean, this blend. There are two texture channels on one material, one for diffuse color and another for reflection. Is there a way to have partial reflection, maybe with a stencil map?


Partial_reflection.blend (86.7 KB)

A stencil texture works :
Partial_reflectionWorking.blend (258 KB)

Thanks Pohatu23, that’s just what I was looking for. Never worked with stencil texture, so this is very useful!