Texture mapping help!

So I have this nice soil texture set up, but the texture looks really stretched. It’s in cycles, and I know I need to adjust the mapping, but I can’t figure out how to do this, also a little help with bump mapping would be ary apprecieated, because my results look awful right now.

plz post a snapshot of your results in the viewport rendered as well the UV unwrap plz. . . that’ll help iron things out.

Here you go, i hope this helps. i used two textures and the uv is the same for both.

and if this helps, here is the node setup for m material

Use the below generic node setup in order. You can add your nodes appropriately, but this is how you are able to scale the texture’s image with the ‘VECTOR/MAPPING’ node added after the image & into the diffuse/output. This also allows you to rotate the image and offset it as well if need be! Quite a nice tool :slight_smile:

to clarify i think you would scale it down into the tenths range, maybe .5 or even .25 may be good looking at the small image supplied here. if you have your view split, you can see the texture changes in the other view while changing them in the node editor.

Thann you so much, I working on it right now! Thanks again for your help!

lemme know how it works out :slight_smile:

It worked out great! Thank you so much again!!! All I need to do now is get my particle system nice and setup and I’ll have a grassy plane with soil beneath it! :smiley: