Texture Mapping Issue While Exporting To FBX


I made a rectangular model, added a grey scale texture as a normal map and added another texture over top of a portion of the grey scale texture. The grey scale texture is 256 x 256 and the UVMap was mapped accordingly. Adding the second texture, which is 128 x 128 proved to be a little finicky, but I did it by adjusting the x and y offset and sizes. In Blender, everything is rendering fine, but when I look at it in edit view while the texture mode is selected, the offset and size mapping doesn’t affect the model (if it renders fine, that’s all that matters to me).

So, I was all happy that I got it to look good on my render in Blender, but when I exported it as an FBX to Unity, I was underwhelmed to see that the mapping of the second 128 x 128 texture was way off. It looks as though the texture mapping offset/size settings didn’t get exported. Does anybody know if I could be missing something? I can’t make a second UVMap with the same faces, can I?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!