texture mapping problem

Hello. I need a little bit of help. Im texturing a wall. I can check final apply. But when I render my scene it looks different like this: Where is the problem? Thx

Insufficient information.

What renderer are you using ?
What material settings are you using ?
What texture settings are you using ?
Have you UV unwrapped the wall ? Have you set the texture mapping coordinates to these UVs ?

Also when you show a screenshot, don’t crop it, 99% of the time when someone does this they crop out the important info. If you don’t know what is/isn’t important, show it all.

Any example blend file (and example texture packed in the blend file) ?

Im using blender render.
Material setting are untouched, only in texture window I load image, unwrap the plane and scale it on picture (in UV/Image editor).
I did this 100 times before and it worked.

I forgot, image mapping is set to repeat.