Texture Mapping Tutorial

Hi again, going for my second tut, explaining how to use the texture mapping buttons. i saw one very like this written for a different program, except in mine i also explain how to use the size settings. Here it is! http://www.penguinscore.com/texmap.htm

Oh, by the way, does anyone know where to submit a tutorial at blender.org? I’m not if they would take this, but it’s worth a try. thanx!

hey… tutorials are allways good things… one thing I couldn’t help but notice is that your object does not refer well to what you are trying to say…

For instance your tube wrap shows a render of the object with it wrapping the long way aroud the poles of the object instead of at the meridian which would be a better demonstration.

Another thing that might be good would be to show a plane, a square , a tube, and a sphere, together with the different mappings to accentuate what happens when you click the different buttons.