texture mapping.

(Dittohead) #1

i’ve got a couple of rusty nails and an image texture. when i render, the nails’ textures don’t look right. the texture looks right on the head but on the sides it looks stretched. i’ve tried u/v mapping but it doesn’t look right either. keep in mind that theses are sub-division surfaces. thanx

(IamInnocent) #2

Subsurf can be hell to texture. You shoul get a rather satisfying image_mapping though if you use the spherical projection in the material buttons (F5) after applying your image in the texture buttons (F6).

Whenever I need to apply more than one material to a subsurfed mesh I alway first give it a single color. The I apply a contrasting color through the material buttons in the edit buttons (F9), just under the layers buttons, to any individual polygons of the ‘control’ mesh anywhere I have a harder time to figure out what sub-polygons will be affected.

Hope this will help you.[/u]