texture maps

For those of you aware of the video game Borderlands, famous for its art style (instead of increasing poly count by modeling details, DRAW them on the texture map.) I have a question.

How many maps need to be used to create those visuals? Other than the texture map. I’m working on an animation and would like some advice on which maps need to be created for that look. Is it just the texture? Or more?

well, you load a UV mapped image as a texture channel, which you then set to ‘UV’ in the map input buttons in materials. and you can stack as many of those as you will need. you can make one for diffuse, one for normals, one for spec, one for alpha, etc. Howver, if you want really nice normals maps, look into mutires, sculpt, and high poly to low poly normals baking.

Thanks Modron! I corrected my original post because I meant texture map, not UV map.

It would be really nice to see a lineup to better give me an idea of what each map does. Like image 1 - textured model, image 2 - with diffuse map, image 3 - with a specular map, image 4 - with normal map. Or any other order.

Because I know texture and normal maps. I know what they do and how to use them and what the final result looks like, but not diffuse and spec.

Any idea where I can find such a lineup?