Texture/Material not projecting properly?

I messed up a setting in blender and I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is, or where it is. Everything was working fine with my materials earlier today, but I must have changed a setting somewhere that adjusts how materials are applied. Can I get some help before I throw this computer out the window. This picture should speak a thousand words.

I also tried going to ( File > Load Factory Settings ) and relogged blender but that did not help.

So maybe I’m just an idiot then. But it would be nice if there might be any explanation as to why the materials act in this manner? I figured out if I create a second material, it will add a .001 behind the name and the material works properly as I would expect. So I guess I figured out my issue. But why does the first material I create act like the first image above, and any subsequent material work properly as it should?

It doesn’t. Here’s how collaborative troubleshooting works the way it’s possible to get answers:

  • you explain the issue and the images you post are there to help you write about it
  • you prepare and upload a .blend which contains enough that the problem can be reproduced. The file is used for troubleshooting and for producing visuals for the replies


It’s your problem and you do the work, which means that everything you can do to help others do their part of this interaction is a move towards faster/accurate/clear replies you’re after. Such as

  • not writing text onto images, as those can’t be quoted. Use numbering, letters, if you must refer to specific part of your image
  • full interface screenshots
  • timestamps on linked videos
  • selecting the right object or part of a mesh so it’s saved with the .blend, so users don’t have to look for it
  • so on and forth

As is, you’re asking what you are holding in your hand, and only know to post a close-up image of your elbow. Chop off your arm, send it, and others will peel fingers. You can be certain they get it right the first time instead of randomly guessing