Texture Missing In Game Engine

Hi there!

I made I quick game with some textures and whatnot, but when I press “P” to begin the game, the models & planes return to their solid, un-textured self. This is a big deal!!! :eek:

Can someone please help me? :o
Thanks in advance!


Are you in textured mode? ALT+Z
What type of texturing are you using? Single, Multi, GLSL.
Have you got the textures applied?
Are your graphics cards up to date?
Hope one of those work, if not, upload the .blend and I can try and help. :slight_smile:

Not sure which one it could be… I know it isn’t the graphics card, because my other textured models are fine.
Anyway, here is the model!

Strange, your model appears to lack faces. Are you sure you posted the right one?

It is, it’s actualy the only one I’ve got. Does the missing faces have anything to do with the fact
I can’t subdivide the faces I do have?

Something is wrong with your materials, at least, your first texture has a “none” texture slot, so it’s texture will be… None!
You could check the “face textures” box if you want to use this None texture.