Texture Mode problem!.

System: windows 32 bit
Ati Graphics!..

Hi all!.

I seem to be having a little problem in texture mode!.
When i switch over from solid mode to texture mode, nothing shows?.
It will however still show how the lights will effect the scene but no textures!. :confused:

I’ve tried putting on GLSL ( or whatever it’s called ) mode and also changing from multi texture to solid but still nothing?.

I have the latest version of blender i.e 2.58a and since 2.58 i’ve had to switch over to overlay draw method in the user preferences due to parts of the interface not being shown until the mouse hovers over the panels, i did wonder if this may be effecting it?..

Just one other small question while i think about it!.
I was watching Blender guru’s tutorial on projection mapping!.
Pressed the space bar to search for the sticky add and remove but nothing?.
The did show as being there but clicking on them didn’t show anything up so was unable to project the image?.
Not sure if it’s been removed or if i maybe doing something wrong?. :o

Many thanks!.

Not enough info, what operating system do you have? XP? How much Ram do you have? What kind of CPU?

I am on windows xp and have a gig of ram i think!.
As for CPU, not so sure about that?.
Sorry can’t be of more help here!.