Texture moving on a driver animated object

So I modeled a fan and animated it using #frame driver on the z rotation.
I assigned a pbr material (After unwrapping the fan, texture coordinates are set to UV) to the fan blades that are rotating.
The issue I’m facing is that the texture seems like its in its own place and the uv islands are moving along the texture.
How do I make it so that the texture sticks to the blades and moves with them?
I’ve attached a video to illustrate my issue better

This might be totally wrong, but could it just be an artifact of the fan rotating so much each frame? (Notice how on frame 24 the blades have rotated 1375°. So there seems to be some multiplier applied to the driver.)

Because the fan has rotational symmetry it looks like the blades are only moving a bit, while the actual rotation that the textures are tied to is far greater, similar to those videos with the helicopter blades standing still.

To check this you could make one blade larger and see whether it always shows the same part of the texture. Or try to adjust the driver make the blade rotate slower.

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sure enough, slowing down the rotation by dividing the expression by 100 gets rid of the issue.
However now I’ll have to render several thousand frames :frowning:
Is there a way to prevent them from moving while having a fast speed (the speed in the video is actually exactly to my liking)

Not really sure how to fix it considering it is doing what it’s supposed to. Maybe you could adjust the UVs so the grain of the wood is more aligned with the blades of the fan to make it look less like the texture is rotating. Also introducing motion blur could help. :thinking:

Ok got it now, stupid me, the rotation looks slow but it actually isnt, in a frame its jumping like 60 degrees so its actually that the fan is moving very fast but due to 0 motion blur it seems like the texture is moving (which it obviously isnt, had to view the animation frame by frame to realise that)
Sorry for the trouble :sweat_smile: