Texture node does not produce a large texture

Here’s a screenshot:

Basically, when in compositing nodes, if the texture is postprocessed in any way before rendering, it’s simply cropped to a small (128×128-ish) square. Any way to get that to fill the screen, or at least change the square size?

Thanks, all!

i dont think the texture node is meant to be used to generate an image by itself, but instead alter another base image.

Hey, that gave me an idea!

I set up a blank scene and set up the texture to mix into that, but that seems a bit, well, hackish.

Is there a better way? If not, this will work for now. Thanks a ton!

an example: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Compositing_Nodes_Input#Texture_Node

Ah, that is true.

However, what if you had a blended gradient that you wanted to rotate before you applied it to the image? In that case, the compositing engine would crop it.

in svn, texture nodes are now initialised to the scene render size. Otherwise, you have to layer them over another image of the desired size, to get the texture calculated as pixels

Hey, thanks a ton, guys!