Texture Node

Don t understand
how to make single user now?

This is from 2.91 release
It is possible by 2.91
icon pointed by orange circle

@DNorman Clicking on the button made a second copy of the data bock, as of 4 days ago.
It’s removal was a mistake.

@Piter Feel free to add your opinion on this change in the following thread:


Ok I was not aware of that and I do not have the newest version without the button.
Edit: and reading the dev thread I do not like these options being hidden either.

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I have to admit I never realized the data block user info was clickable. In my old version of 2.92 it was and it added a suffix .001 to the image texture and did create a new separate copy of the image.
So my first posts where not correct. I have deleted them so as not to mislead anyone reading.

I have downloaded the latest version of 2.92 and aahhhhhhh yes they have hidden these options. That is not good (it does remind me of the new modifiers with the hidden apply button)