Texture Nodes render poorly as if without filtering

Hi everybody,
I have been using the blender render with textures created with the panels approach (PA) and I feel at home with them but I wanted to try and switch to the texture nodes approach (NA) and… oh boy.
The textures just won’t get filtered at all. In the PA I had the image sampling panel that allowed to filter the image properly and a few other thing. In the NA it’s gone and I don’t find a way to change those filtering settings. Not only that but the image mapping panel is busted as well. And no equivalent node to be found.
Here is the screenshot of the the NA. Look at that hideous aliasing! It looks like it’s working with a nearest neighbor sampling.

Here is the PA result. Way better, I have overdone it a little just to show the problem better but that’s not the point; filtering is working.
Not only that but I can set the extension mode to clip in the image mapping panel, a thing I do quite a lot.

I have RTFM and done a bit of googling but I can’t make this workflow work for me.
Now, I love node based workflows, way more than a layer or stack one, that’s why I hoped to use it in my texturing as well and not only in shading and compositing. The idea to do some basic color correction without jumping to and external editor sure is nice.

If anybody has any idea it would be awesome!