Texture not applied in render (not again...)

Hello! I’m a new forum user so please bear with me.

I’m having trouble with my scene. I simply cannot get the texture to render in the renders or render view. It is fine in the material view but I just get a white object in the render.

I’ve read about 10 articles on the subject and have followed all of the directions (which are mostly the same) but it simply doesn’t work.

I’m using the Blender Render engine and Blender 2.77a. I’ve attached the blender file and the texture.

Can anyone help me?



ROOM003.zip (399 KB)

You have a white ambient color and have set the material to be fully influenced by that color. Pull the “Ambient” slider back to 0:

And you will need to add some light sources to the scene if you want to see something in the render…

Ahh yes, I was experimenting with that because need to be able to support having no lights in the final engine.

Thanks a lot!