Texture not "dancing" in object

(lamek) #1

Hey guys, how i fix texture marble problem in this spheres?https://blenderartists.org/uploads/default/original/4X/2/f/3/2f37a81fb5c99d3708214ddfb588a46a0b1e0bd9.mp4

(yogyog) #2

I think it would be best to UV map the spheres.

Great animation by the way! Very professional!

(lamek) #3

Owwww Thanks! This solve my problem! I very new in blender i was c4d user before! :smiley:

Thanks so Much!

(CarlG) #4

If UV mapping helped and you’re okay with the result, then fine. But it’s hard to tell the problem without the project - stripped down to bare minimum to reproduce the problem.

But yeah, I would say it’s a mapping problem, but if the marble is an image texture, it’s hard to UV map it to a sphere without stretching. If marble is a procedural (i.e. noise generator+++) and the sphere is not changing form, I would say the best solution is to just change the mapping coordinates to i.e. object coords, as the output is often 3D in these kinds of patterns.

If the sphere is changing form, you could still UV unwrap it and bake the results from the generator based stuff above; it would/should be seamless, but might still suffer from stretching. To minimize stretching, I would use a round cube instead of a UV sphere.