Texture not rendering

Hi, I am new to Blender, coming from 3ds Max. I found it a lot easier in max to texture, but I think I’m missing something obvious in Blender. The texture shows up as it should in my texture enabled viewport, but not in a render, where it shows up a solid color of violet. Took the best screenshot I could showing all the options.

Here’s my workflow: I try to texture a simple plane, going into edit mode>Press U>Select Unwrap. I have a jpg image that I am trying to use. I go to materials>+ New>name the texture> Under surface (set at diffuse BSDF) I select the dot for color>Image Texture>Get my jpg>Go to Texture Tab>Inside Node, I select Vector: UV. Tried everything, from doing over UV’s, to trying all coords, nothin. Thanks for looking!


Cycles requires your object to be unwrapped to apply an image texture. Did you select all before unwrapping?
Did you check in the UV editor to see if your image is listed in the image dropdown?
Pack your image to see if that brings it up - maybe it’s a path problem for Blender.
Could you upload the file if this does not help?

Useally when it does the purple it is not finding the texture image. I would focus on the DruBan and what he said starting in the Second line. Then continue down.

Double post

Packing through the UV/Image editor fixed the problem (Editor Type in window header > UV/Image Editor > Browse Image > selected image > Image > Pack Image. I think I figured out what I did, I assigned the image texture in the Material Editor and then again in Texture Editor. I started a new scene and made a new material, skipped to textures and applied the image there with no problems or need of packing. Thanks for all the help, although I wonder if this is the correct way to do this?