Texture not showing in textured cycles viewport

I have this file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/24991
The problem is that if i assign a texture to the material(material.003) of “icecube” (the mesh is unwrapped), that texture is not showing when i change viewport shading to textured.
In rendered view is displaying fine (all this in cycles).
If i import/append “icecube” in another file and i assign a texture, there is working well.
If i use the same texture for another object, is not showing the same.
What i have mistaken?

Edit: i have not included textures (beside one procedural used for the displacement), just use a random of yours…

Check normals - invert.

Now i understand the strange shading, thank you; i pressed ctrl+n for recalculating them but didn’t work as intended…
However the texture is not yet showing :frowning:

I did not go deep on how object is created; just select that cuboid faces and invert normals on that. Probably there are intersecting faces. It wont cure by Ctrl-n.

I was not enough clear in last post…before your reply i used ctrl+n (but i didn’t checked if effectively normals where pointing outside),
after i correctly flipped/inverted the normals, but textures are not yet showing.

It’s really funny, i can swear i slapped on first image i had available and i saw it where Mat.003 should be. Then i switched to rendered view and found that this is transparent cube. Now when i try to repeat that it wont show and it what’s even more interesting it shouldn’t, looking at the nodes.
What i can think is that i did connect texture output straight into the glass color input temporarily and did that with autopilot on :D.
But normals were off ;). Saw your entry, nice one overall.

Edit: scratch all that here’s the proof… Did one more time - cube local view edit mode, flip selected normals, add image in uv editor, set it in node, switch textured view. http://www.pasteall.org/pic/61939

I tried your latest method but is not working with me, version 2.68b and 2.69 .
I found that textured view on the cuboid is working only if before i assign a texture to another object (at example the plane emitter, but first unwrap it ;)) and then assign the same texture to the cuboid.
However if i before assign a new texture to the cuboid and then the same to another object, is not working for both.
By assigning i mean: go to shaders node editor, add image texture node, press open image button, select desired image.

Thank you :slight_smile:

So it may be a bug or me that did some mess?

Dunno. I’d probably redo ice cube and water so that it doesn’t need manual flipping of some normals.
However something feels fishy - i wouldn’t expect 3 times doing the (approximately, well, there might have been slight changes of steps taken) same and getting different result. On the other hand it hadn’t happened here before.