Texture not showing up in texture paint mode

I created a texture for my orca whale in blender and it shows up in object and edit modes, but it doesn’t show up in texture paint mode and I can’t paint it. Any ideas of what might be causing this problem? You can see the file here: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/41743

Your texture is a pure black png. My best guess is that you have done your painting, but you haven’t actually saved it as an image. After painting, in the uv editor you need to Image, ‘Save as image’ and save it to a file.

I’ve saved the image to a file - doesn’t work.

The orca skin material is using a black texture. Are you expecting something different ? If so did you save the texture before saving the blend file.
If I paint on the black material texture it shows up in the 3d viewport in texture paint mode.
Does that not work for you ?

What is your problem ?



yea…I’t’s Your Modifier…Apply them or turn them off…:slight_smile:


Awesome! Thanks for the help Taipan. Now it works.


Good it work…:slight_smile:

If I may…I see one problem more.

Look at Richard Marklews picture.

In the Info line ( Top ) You see a warning color - orange…read it…:slight_smile:

It say missing picture…Your picture is not in the blend file…So we see only the Default Black picture.

In Menuline - File - External Data - Click the Box - Automatically pack into Blend.
Remember to save - startup file…Ctrl - u

Now Your pictures should be saved with the Blend files.

On more You should think a little about Subdiv…You use 3 it’a a lot for Your shape at least I think it is.

If You use smooth… 2 should be fine…The size go from 40.000 to 10.00 with subdiv 2.

Use less Memory and Render faster…Puff Puff


able to paint in solid mode but not in material mode and thus the colors are not reflecting in render view. any body please help

Did you go over to the shader editor and add an image texture node ( referring to your texture paint image ) and a texture coordinate node to the shader tree. Not sure why it works like that but the image can show ( in solid mode ) while the material has none.