So I have made my object and I have it flying through the air past the camera. It looks good as far as motion goes. Why does the texture remain in the same place on the object making it look like the texture is moving inside it opposed to with it when I flip and turn it in an animation? I know another dumb question by a Noobi, but how else can we become better right?

You mean the texture doesn’t stay on the same place? If so go to texture options then go to map input and set to glob instead of Orco.

I guess that should help!


I think that’s the opposite of what he wants…

WhenI move my object in a semi circular motion past the camera, the texture seems to be remaining still on the inside of the letters. This is obviously because it is not moving with the object. How can I make the texture which has lots of setails in it move with the object???

In the Materials buttons (F5) in the MapInput tab, you have the texture mapped to Win(dow) which maps it to your monintor’s window, or Glob(al) which maps it to the global scene. You need to map it to ORCO, ORiginal COordinates of the object it is mapped to.


I have changed every setting into as million ways and still no luck. I think I am going crazy. I tried your suggestion and it also failed. Check it out…The pictures below are a set of 4 frames of my object swingign from left to right past camera. The two large black dents on the bottom right side of the lower cube seem to be moving from right to left in each frame. They are actually remaing in the same position as the letters are moving from right to left. I hope this makes sense. In short the texure is sitting still inside the letters as the letters move.
I dont even know how to post the pictures of the 4 frames I have. Im sorry…

Use Imageshack or Photobucket (google them) to upload your pics, copy the links and post them here.


Ok. If you look at the texture closely maybe go frame by frame on your keyboard, you will see that the texture is not moving with the letters. PLEASE HELP!!! I am new and feel dumb as is. But I can learn if showed the way. Please go to the link below and you can see my problem. I want the texture to stick to the letters so the imperfections in the metal stay on the same parts of the letters.

Thanks A million!!!


I tried something and I came up that with the map input global it doesn’t stick. But if you put it on orco it should definatly work. If not give us the blend file (packed though).


I have tried Orco as well as all the other methods with multiple configurations and still have had no luck. I am new to this so could it be possible that I may have overlooked the way I applied the texture in general? I basically did this:
1 - select material
3 - select image from file
4 - Place my texture right into palce on the letters.
If you would be so kind as to mentioning your method of applying a texture to a peice of flying TEXT maybe I can mimic your buttons and fix this. I am still learning Blender and am familiar with most of the functionalities but not all so more discriptive the instructions the better my chances. Greartly appreciate your help.

Are you sure you are modifying the right texture settings? Sometimes I find that I can have multiple materials with similar settings and I end up modifying one and the render doesn’t change. It really only happens if I have multiple materials on a single mesh. One of my meshes really screwed up and I was able to change all the settings on the material and the preview changed but the render came out the same. I had to end up deleting the materials and start again - it seemed to happen with the 2.4 update so I don’t know if it’s a bug but I can’t reproduce it.

If you make a new texture with the same settings, that should work if that’s the problem.

Another thing you might check is if you have accidentally set any IPOs on the texture co-ordinates.

No I actually did delete all materials and started over and still the silly thing is happening. To explaine exactly what Im talking about , this much I am sure of. The texture is remaining still inside as the letters move around and we see the texture. Any other suggestions will be appreciated. I have hit a wall and dont know which way to go.


Send me the file ([email protected])