Texture not tiling well

Hey all :slight_smile:

I’ve run into a problem while doing some basic brick texturing. On a small plane I get this result:

It’s not half bad considering the quality of the texture itself and the basic lighting setup etc…

But when I apply this same texture on a larger scale I get this:

The texture just isn’t tiling properly. Upon close examination you’ll notice the bricks are starting and stoping at awkward times. How do I avoid this? Is it just the poor texture I’m using, or is there something I’m missing.

Thank you, and if you need any more screenshots/files to help answer my question, just ask :slight_smile:

Making photos of bricks really good tilable is something like black magic. Some brick textures are hard up to impossible to tile in a clean way. There is no trick really.

The better the base material, the better the result. So choose wisely what you want to tile.

Take care of the lense distortion. This bends the straight lines. There are tools to correct it.

As a next step i would make the base texture in the same brightness. This can be done with a high pass filter.

Then have a look what area of the photo you want to tile. For example, you see very clearly the dirty bricks at the bottom repeating again and again. I would cut this bricks away in your base texture. They doesn’t fit to the clean tiles.

Don’t care about the exact square size for now. Well, it should be somehow square. But cut it so that the left and right and up and down borders ends in mortar. Then make it tilable. Then resize to square size.

Have a look for bricks that are too outstanding. And adjust their brightness so that they are not so outstanding anymore. Or simply remove them with the clone tool by replacing this brick with another brick.

Outstanding can also be the shape. You have quite a few too small bricks in there that doesn’t fit.

Finally have a look at the result and use the clone tool / brighten / darken / recolour / whatever tools to remove all those little too visible irregularities that leads to visible tiling.

Hope that helps a bit.

So there’s no easy way around tiling bricks, but I guess some work in Gimp would make it a bit easier. Thank you!