Texture not visible, black mesh



Hello everyone,
I’m having this problem for the first time in blender 2.8. I’ve imported an obj, applied the texture in the material and texture slot, I’m using look dev mode but the mesh remains black.

Sometimes I have to cycle between texture paint and other modes to make the texture show up, but here it doesn’t work at all.
Wondering if this is some kind of bug.

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #2

I´d recomend that you make the texture external files. Grab that .dds and convert it to PNG. Photoshop does open the .dds texture. You need to download a free (old) plugin from nvidia. cut/paste it into photoshop folder and open .dds, change the color depth, save it as .png

.dds files are interpreted by progressive pixelations / mip mapped optimized (old technology) CUDAS now handle everything.


Thanks David, PNG worked!