texture on inside of buildings

i am designing this city for a game, but i cant seem to figure out how to get texture on both sides of a building

Weird, because i was just getting on to ask that… I thought it was Ctrl+Alt+N-key in edit mode but that does not seem to work somebody help


so wait, you go into edit mode, press shift+control+n, the you add a texture, or do you need to add something else first

ok i see, but is there a way to make it so both sides have the texture, not just one

UV Face Select(F), Texture Face in Edit Buttons, Twoside

make the faces 1 sided, duplicate them, and flip the normals. DO NOT REMOVE DOUBLES or one set of walls will be removed. this is all well and good, but the walls are infinitely thin. The other option is to select all the faces,extrude, and scale smaller. This gives the wall some thickness, but adds more faces. The second method also allows for easier dealing with normals, and there are no doubles

I hope that made sense^^

[edit] if you’re fine with the same texture on both sides, b0mberman’s way works the bestest

I didn’t think about that. Obviously, 2 different textures would probably be needed for inside and out

Or of course, you could make it so that when you enter a building a new scene is opened with the inside of that building in it… this would allow for more details (polys) in each scene.