Texture only in Nodes + Cycles

I built out a whole animation in Blender using the old ways.

Now, I want to do something similar using cycles, textures, previews - stuff where I can see what I’m doing.

But I can’t find anything as simple as how to just put the image on the texture, and then to see it. I don’t need image maps or bumps or anything else. Well.

Ambient occlusion plus imported images that show up on the side of the boxes.

What am I missing? I must be simple.

Here’s the video I did before - I honestly want the exact same thing, import PNG files, and put them on planes and boxes and do my thing.


What’s the problem in here? In BI, you used UV maps to set the textures in position. That’s just the same with Cycles.

Make simple materials.

(No alpha channel.)

(With alpha channel.)

I suppose that you want shadeless materials so use an Emission shader with Strength at the default value of 1. Besides, with just the Emission shader, it will render very quick since you don’t need a lot of samples.

You apply the material you need for each texture/material, you unwrap your object, make the material unique, set the texture and… That’s all. :smiley:

Animate, render, compose, encode… Admire! :wink:

Thank you!