Texture or Cam Problem?

how can I solve this problem? Its Texture or Cam Problem?


It looks like a modeling problem to me. In edit mode select all verts and remove doubles.

nope… its not the verts problem. when I zoom in close enough… there is no problem with tyhe texturing. This problem we only happen when the cam is far away

can you post a .blend?

how can i send it?

you have to host it some where I use http://www.bestsharing.com/ allot it seems to work well and most people can get the files I upload. you have to post the upload link here so we can download your file.


All of your street textures are listed as having 2 users, click on the button labeled “2” in the textures pannel of the material buttons (next to the clear button) and it will clear up.

Nope… it did not work… Did you try it? Could it be the type of file format i used for mapping it. I always use jpg. This is also the same problem I’m having for the other object


Here is a video showing the distorted texture fading away. Why does this happen? I tryed resizeing the texture bigger and small, nothing happen. Please Help!

Video - http://www.mediafire.com/?bmydwyhmmnk

Sorry it took so long for me to get back, I had worked with it for a couple of hrs and it did work but I can’t seem to repeat it so I don’t know what I actually did that worked. It sems that your U’s and V’s are flipped from extruding from a plane and reversing them on the actual geometry DOES work but this s a LOT of work. There’s got to be an easier way and I wish I knew what I did that actually did work when I made the above post. You can always try starting over, sorry.