Texture or Shader node?

Good morning guys :grin:, to optimize the game and have more performance, is it better to use a shader or a texture?

For example, for UPBGE 2.5:

I create a house, and I create the walls with the shader that creates the brick effect, in terms of performance is it better to make a baking of the shader in texture image or do I keep it in shader format?

Good morning, buddy

In my opinion, in your case it is would be better to use a shader one format instead of using image textures, since brick node can give you almost the same effect as texture image would’ve given.

But in reality try to use both of the methods and see where you’ll be getting more performance. Because, if you’re using too much nodes along with the brick one - it could slower your whole scene while just an image texture along with mapping texture and coordinate nodes would make it faster (considering you’re image is not too big, like 4K or 8K)