Texture out of place?

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ignore everything except upper torso please

if you notice at the top of the shoulders the texture is quite different than the rest. this puts some ugliness/seams.(set as a UVmap of cube .20 this just emphasizes my problem so it can be seen)

I have tried unwrapping it, i have tried face select (each individual face in that area) i have tried every UVmap under the “U” button and this keeps reappearing! i have even tried separating the torso mesh up into smaller parts then texturing just a bit frustrating!!

i even tried exporting as .obj and using the lame ass wings proggie, but it runs slower than my dead cat ~shrugs~

been there tried that recalced them all to face outside

EXAMPLE BLEND http://www.angelfire.com/mi/animoshworld/Example.blend i took the liberty of deleting all the arms and his head and put a turbo squid marked texture, the problem still exists tho;o)

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been there tried that recalced them all to face outside[/quote]

could you post a .blend? :smiley:

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Well I couldn’t find anything wrong with the mesh. I.e. no doubles or extra lines but I’m sure you checked for these already.

The defect shows up no matter what texture or uv map meathod I use.

I’ll try some different things and see what happens…

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Well after trying a few different things this is what I found.

The seams are the resault of the torso being cube mapped. To get rid of them you have to map it another way. The problem is that for some reason when you hit u and select another map type the map on the object hasn’t been up dated yet. If you toggle off the Face Select Mode button after a new map type is chosen the object’s map will be up dated to your new selection.

cube mapped

cylinder mapped

Please post the finnished work. It looks like it’s going to be great!