Texture pack from Meta-Androcto

Hi all, I hope this works alright. and is in the right section:confused:
Thanks must first go to:
Thanks for the space. Took 2hours to upload on dial up Aussie. Hope it got there.:slight_smile:
Thanks for the Permissions and use of software.:slight_smile:
20+ textures at 1024x1024

20 meg download, all textures packed, if you cant find them, the packed jpegs can be found in the texture image section (in arrows above add image)
Download the .blend file (zipped .rar) here Genetica Texture Pack
Please someone let me know if the file is ok and I’ll make some more!
Happy Holidays.

I just downloaded, unziped, then opened it up in blender and it seemed to work just fine. I just downloaded the .blend file directly through my T1 connection here at work- I didn’t bother with going through those other websites.


Cool it worked, don’t let the crappy screenshot fool you.
There are some very good textures in the pack.
Genetica is not available for Mac or Linux,

By the way, I don’t get anything other than satisfaction for doing this.
I only provide links because it is the right thing to do.
I am under no obligation to do anything.
The textures are free . The licence is: Do what you want with them.
so Enjoy.
Thanks M.A.

Thanks Meta-Androcto …hats off for you contribution and effort…appreciate it…

Thank you Meta-Androcto - much appreciated :slight_smile:

edit ------- dumbass question

Nice package!