Texture pack ver. 1.0

Download it! I have created a collection of the textures that are laying
on the forum… The first collection is free.

ver. 2.0 only can be bought…
that will include *.wav, *.mp3 sounds too with more textures…
I think the price will be 10$ bucks. :smiley: lol

Comments please…!

very, very nice, it’s a great addition to my texture collection. Thank you for all the work you put into it. :smiley:

awe thats a good idea :slight_smile: good luck


Good idea, yeah - but I don’t think packing it into an .exe is a good idea…

Yeah but it was only the free version. the other version is going to have
a lot of stuff to be installed.

Wow, 15mb, big.

I’m dloading now.

Just out of curiosity, did you make these textures, or did you just collect them? You’ll run into a lot of copyright infringments if you try to sell a bunch of textures without the concent of the authors.


A good collection of textures, though some of them are worthless cause they’re not seamless.

Yep, just as i thought, a lot of these textures are from www.3dtextures.fr.st. You won’t be able to sell these legally without consent from them.

Just thought you aughta know.


I said that it isn’t a good idea packing it into an .exe because no Linux, MacOS X, Irix or whatever user can’t use it - that’s why… sighs



Then the ver. 2.0 will be free, but for ver. 3.0 will be my own made…

I’m starting to make photos today!!! :smiley:

Then just zip it - I can’t see any use for an installer… <sarcasm>Or need the textures any special libs or conf-files?</sarcasm>