Texture paint 2.56 Erase Alpha problem..

Hey all,
I’ve been searching and testing and trying to get this to work for half the day…
I’m using the import image as plane plug-in, with Shadeless and Alpha checked to import.
Then I’m just trying to texture paint in some alpha onto the textured plane…
I’ve tested with .jpg and .png and .bmp, all have the same result.
It looks fine in the viewport, but when I render, the semi-transparent painted parts go white, and the fully transparent painted parts go transparent, but very rough and has artifacts around the edges…
Any help much appreciated! :spin:



on the left is the viewport, on the right is the render.

The white is because the alpha is not premultiplied.

Save the newly (alpha) painted image as a png. Now in the Texture properties you can check ‘Premultiply’ in the Image panel.

Ok thanks mate. Seems to work.
It’s kind of glitchy, have to paint in the 3D window, though it doesn’t update the UV editor window, then I save it, then (unclick) re-click premultiply.
But it works at least,
many thanks to you!!! :slight_smile: