Texture Paint - brush texture problem (2.80 vs 2.79)

I can’t figure it out: In 2.80 Texture Paint mode, when I add a brush texture as stencil and try to paint I’m not getting the colors from the texture. Instead they depend on the current foreground color: on the screenshot pink instead of green leaves. In 2.79 I can transfer the desired texture without any problem.
Any ideas what can be going on?

I think it is because your Blend mode is set to Mix. Change the color to white and it should work.

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Oh, my. That’s it! :sweat_smile:

When using the Stencil projection for a texture, you do want to use white and not a color - the color from the brush will colorize the stencil image. If you use a brush with a texture mask set to Stencil, you will be using the color from the brush and not the stencil image.