Texture Paint doesn't work?

Hi, I can texture paint inside the UV/Image Editor window with no problems.
When I try to texture paint inside of a 3D window my Mouse does not move when I click and no color is ever applied.

Please help
Thank you

Could you show a screenshot of your 3D View, to let us see what are you doing?

  • have you created a UV layout of your mesh?
  • have you switched 3D View into Texture Paint mode?

@Witold_Jaworski I started a new file. I recreated the issue as above. I tried it again and it works normally. I have no clue what I am doing wrong. I will keep an eye on it. Im sure it’s operator error :slight_smile:

It’s some quirk that happens with perspective mode and zooming in too far. Usually hitting numpad . will fix it. Alternatively, you can just paint in orthographic mode (numpad 5).

Thank you xrg it was very frustrating :slight_smile: