Texture Paint: faster eyedropper/pipette?

It seems that the paint pipette sampler is only available if one clicks on the paint color swatch to display the color wheel. So, the overhead in that workflow= mouse travel plus two clicks, plus the sampling click. Pretty awkward.

That can’t be right*: what’s the proper fast way to sample paint/screen color in Texture Paint mode?

*( I assume there’s some combo of bucky keys and mouse operations, but I haven’t found it yet.)

Hotkey is ‘s’ for me. From anywhere, while texture painting. (Careful about color space transformations, what you see isn’t always what you get.)

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Thanks. :+1: “S” for sample, not bad.

Now, since it wouldn’t be ME w/o some complaining about the UI: is there anywhere in the UI that a user might ‘discover’ this hotkey?

If not, I suggest that, if a pipette were included in the toolbar of the Paint editor, that would be the place to include a hotkey reminder for users to ‘discover’.

Also, I note that the ‘F9’ panel remains open, ever after some more paint operations, which I’ll be reporting as a bug. (AFAICS, it remains open until an UNDO is performed.) (Reported)

Thanks for the pointer.

Laughably, in VIEW mode in the same editor, there IS a pipette… and it uses a different hotkey, and “s” is not available. :roll_eyes: