Texture paint for every texture

Hello, I would like to make this white texture paint applied for any type of texture.

You can see this white paint, what I would like to do is to keep those white strokes I made and have freedom to add any texture over those white strokes.

In simpler way, let’s call those white strokes “1” and everything not a white stroke “0”, what I would like to keep is that “1” like a coordinates for any other texture, so when I combine that “1” with metal texture I will get a metal texture only on those strokes (including roughness, specular…, basically anything I want).

I just want to keep it simple with texture drawing, so I want to make a one texture paint for them all.

Make a new texture paint image and use it as a mask on a mix shader to control which shader is where.

If you have enough vertices, vertex colors might be a quicker option for making shader masks. If the mesh is pretty flat & low poly, then texture paint will work better for making shader masks.

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I already found a solution by myself, thanks fella anyways.

I should stop doing this, ask questions then start seeking the solution by myself.

Looks good! Mix RGB works well too.