Texture paint help

Hello . I a new at this and need help fixing a problem with texture paint.
every time a try to paint on front view this happen!

I can paint from the side but any other angel create random miss color.

Try to rest unwrap and unwrap again. Try to find flaws with model vertices and try to copy model into a new file at try again. This problem doesn’t happen to my more complex model please help.

Export the unpainted UV map as a png and paint the color on it by use of other software, then import the image again in blender.
This solve it at this stage for you are painting the whole mesh on one color.

Was trying to paint like MY original ref sheet : like this:

thanks for help but I still need to add the rest somehow. or maybe just start over again. Isn’t there a fix to this problem. Please help

Hmmm, so far, the only things that comes to mind is that the faces of the mesh are flipped inside out.
To check go to: Show Overlays > Geometry > Face Orientation. If it’s red, it’s flipped.

the mesh is flipped. what does that mean?..

Thank you thank you thanking you. now the painting look better … smile ![image|625x403]

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You can still paint on blender when you do what I said

I have try that and it works. thanks. Thought I find I more simply to fix this problem by simply mark the model, press alt + N to flipped mesh and than draw eye mouth and other details with texture paint. It’s hard to color the eyes on a png fill since you don’t have a feel to where precisely the eye end up on the mesh.

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i know how it feels, been in this position too. only draw back when painting on png.