Texture Paint Help

when i am using the texture paint mode and i unwrap a 3d object say a cube for example and then i say project from view onto an image ,and i try to paint one thing on one side of the cube say a white line it will show up on the side opposite to it is there any way to fix this?

Yes, unwrap the cube so that each face has it’s own space on the assigned image.

Yes, use “smart projections” for a one click solution

for more control go into edit mode, select te edges you want to open out (hit ctrl e and “mark as seam”)

then when you hit “u” choose unwrap…

see “unwrapping using seams” on this page

Hey people, I’m sorta new to 3D modeling and decided to tackle Blender (along with Mod Tools and Metseqouia) to take advantage of a full-featured software that is distributed freely and help support the idea.

Getting my feel around the program it isn’t as difficult as it initially looks but this ‘painting directly on the model’ feature has totally confused me.

I know the prereqs for 3D painting are having UV unwrapped the model first (I use smart unwrap to make it sloppy but easy without concerning myself over seams just yet) in Edit Mode but after de-selecting my unwrapped object (with an open viewport for Front, UVMap, and Buttons) and then going to Texture Paint mode, my unwrapped map disappears, my object turns into one solid color with no shape other than its basic outline and although I have the brush cursor available, it will not allow me to actually use it.

What am I doing wrong?

ok when i use smart projections can i select a whole side of the cube say if i have lots of subdivisions instead of each vertice?

Why do people post thee thing in news and discussion?