Texture paint: how to add a quad brush?

Hi everyone! Is it possible? How to work with a quad brush during texture paint mode?

Thank you!

Could give an example of what a quad brush is? I wonder if you mean something that is like a brush with alpha that allows 4 individual spots, or are you asking about a square shaped brush?

I am interested…

A square shaped brush ;). Like when you draw with full contrast using 1X1 pixel brush but bigger (any size you want).
I already tried to add texture>image as a pattern but blender tiles only using circles…What i am missing?

Thank you for your interest!

Not sure if it can be done.

Yes, it can.

Open a new file to make a brush, add a plane and align camera to top view. Make material of plane shadeless, use PNG ot TGA for rgba and make render premul, then render at scale to allow pre-multiplied alpha background to create a border around the square.

Save this image and then load into your textures as a brush, and use premul in the texture panel.

Set to Sculpt mode using this brush, and use the drag control - you’ll need to play with the slider, but if you use a light strength and drag out, you should get the square/quad shape you are looking for. Too much strength with ‘add’ will pull the center outward and make a mound even thought the outside edges will be quad shaped.

I tried it and got it to work, but I can’t post the blend until after work. Maybe you won’t need it if you understand what I’m saying. Key is to have an image with a border of alpha to get the square shape to show up - that’s why a procedural brush of solid white won’t show up as a square, since the brush is actually a round tip like you observed.


:yes:Wow! Thanks for the tutorial.
:slight_smile: Clever… To use sculpt mode!

I will try it, thank you Craigomatic!.

I forgot you were working with texture paint, but it still works except one thing - my square has it’s corners cut off when I turn the brush falloff up and mess with the spacing slider to get a solid paint stroke - maybe because i have mip map and interpolate on in the texture.

Anyway, it works with sculpt or texture paint - making the brush just requires use of the render parameters allowing for alpha and spacing your object in camera view to allow the empty border. You can apply this to any grouping or shape you want to make new brushes for textures straight in blender.