Texture Paint: How to choose target texture?

I’m having an issue with texture paint. I have a model with a normal map and a color map. I’m trying to use texture paint to paint on the color map, but the paint has been going onto the normal map instead. I haven’t been able to find an option for which texture the texture paint should paint to. How does it decide?


it depends on whatever image you have your UV coordinates joined to in the UV editor. so if you select your mesh and go into edit mode, and select all vertexes, you’ll see your normals map in the UV editor. Call up a blank image file, or create a new one from the UV editor while your coords are selected, and they will be joined to that image for painting.

Thanks! I fixed it by creating a new texture as you suggested. By chance is there a way to change which texture your UV coordinates are joined to without making a new texture?

if the image is loaded in the UV editor just call it up with the arrow key while the coords are selcted.