Texture paint - how to set up a brush to stamp?

Hi folks,

Is there a way to set up textture painting to “stamp” an image without fadeout? e.g. I have textures like this:

But when I come to texture paint, instead of just stamping this once, it will apply fade to it in a circle. I can set up random orientations etc., but I can’t figure out how to do this.

Previously I’ve used additional UV maps to apply things like this as decals, but this is really tedious. There must be a way surely to just stamp this sort of thing onto a mesh right?

OK, i’ve figured out one with setting up the brush as a stencil.

Is there another way?

theres a falloff setting here, seems to do it.

I tried fiddling with the fallout, but it didnt really conform to the shape (but I’m sure it can be done this way).