Texture Paint in layers using Cycles?

I was introduced to Blender’s Texture Paint using Blender Render in which you can build up your painted texture layers using texture ‘Slots’.

Is that possible using Cycles?

I’m guessing that as Cycles is a node based editor it would be achieved adding Image Texture nodes to behave like layers.

It looks like the BPainter add-on has layer-painting as one of its features.

You can try addon multitile udim. It was designed to work with udims but i use it for regular texture painting with layers.

I have never heard of a UDIM?

A quick search says it’s a file format (that’s been around for ages) that supports multiple UV tiles in a range great than the standard 0 - 1 (in the U direction).

So you use it to seperate a texture out into layers?

Will check it out.

Found the Add-on dev discussion here (last page)

Yeah. I do not use udims functionality. But rest of this addon is pure photoshop layer painting system. With masks, adjustments layers etc

Looks like I got it working.

I downloaded the single vtools_multiTilePainting.py add-on. Replayed the silent instruction video a couple of times to see how things were setup and what nodes were being created.

Blender crashed when I tried to add a Multi Painting ‘Layer Set’ to an Image Texture node I had. But once I saw what nodes it added I found I could add an image texture back in one of it’s own Image Texture nodes


yeah this requires a bit of trial and error but it works fine. There are few moments where it crashes like if you are in cycles and texture paint mode and try to go to blender internal. Or when you add image texture node and then you try to go to texture paint mode. This addon does not like image texture nodes that were not added with build in buttons. If you need some external textures you can create group and put those nodes inside.

Yes, from my little experience I think it works - it enables you to paint in layers - as long as you work within its system.

Thanks again @pachupp


It’s not working now… or I didn’t understand what I was doing?

Even thought I was creating layers in the MultiPaint add-on, it looks like I was still painting on the base layer image.

I can’t seem to create any transparent layer images above the base layer and paint on them without using Add or Erase Alpha


Just use pbr painter add-on it’s work great and in pbr workflow


Do you mean using a PBR painting add-on or the BPainter add-on?

I became a supporter of Andreas Esau’s BPainter add-on (here) yesterday and I am very happy with it. It is simple and works well.

Thanks @srikanth0126,

http://blender-addon.blogspot.in/2017/09/pbr-painter.html?m=1 this one

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Sorry to get back to this late.
Thanks srikanth0126, will keep an eye on it.