Texture paint LAG

Hi everyone! So i changed system recently and now i’m studying on an intel i7 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 16 GB RAM. I tried to paint in Texture paint mode, but the strokes are pretty laggy!

these are strokes made at fairly normal speed. anyone can help? is the problem on my system or it is something internal in blender? i’m not a computer technical guy so…please consider :)!

Can’t help you on texture paint ,but I noticed it was really lagging in sculpt mode(2.79rc2). I tried blender 2.78 and I didn’t have the lag.

no problem with sculpting, only painting textures, tried older version, same problem…:frowning:

Anyone can help? I believe the problem is with windows 10, but i really don’t know how could it be possible…i found out sometime in the UI i get lagging menus either…

Did you turn off all the Windows 10 touch stuff? Many tutorials online to fix Windows 10 Wacom lag/pressure/touch issues.


i don’t have any “touch” setting to turn off…i still have the problem no matter how big is the texture size…

To rule out hardware problems, you could test a Linux distro in Live mode. You boot in Live mode, then you install Blender from distro repositories. Or you download blender tar.bz2 official file, extract it to a new folder, and you run there “blender” file (double click).

HI! thanks for your reply! I simply solved it by changing the Window Draw Method to “full”. Hope it can help!

Always close and re-open Blender after tweaking the system user preference!

“Full” is not the best method. Have you tried with Triple Buffer for example?

i tried it, didn’t work. i get rid of texture paint lag only in “full” mode.

I m using windows 8.1 with 2.79 and the lag is horrendous in the 3d view but when I paint in texture paint mode in the image editor it upates the 3D view port in realtime ??? I have tried all draw methods but no success so far, I will download some older builds to try out

I tried out some earlier builds and new video drivers (nvidia card 660ti) not much of a change so looks like I need to try and back trace the issue to see if I can find a cause of the problem…

I tried out different builds,New Drivers,Fresh OS install via HD image

The objects in my scene painted with no lag when I imported them via append so something I missed…

I found out the cause via more button clicks
I had set CPU thread count to fixed and maxed it out for some reason, when set back to auto
ie 8 threads it works a treat :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps out other blender users

AMD FX 8350
Windows 8.1 Pro


hi, I had the same problem. I had the cpu thread count on fixed and set to 1024. I thought that setting was only for rendering. I am confused about what it does now. Anyway setting the cpu thread count to auto made my texture paint super fast again. Thanks Jonathon!

Yeah I thought it was the thread count for rendering as well… good to hear the info was of use