"Texture Paint" mode stopped working

My first post. Great forum you guys have here :slight_smile:

Yesterday the “texture paint” mode stopped working. I can still paint on the image in the “UV/Image Editor”. But when i try painting in the “texture paint” view the circle cursor stays where i initially click rather than following the brush icon, and no paint is applied.

I have tried toggling all the options i know of, and creating new textures. (1024x1024 and 2048x2048). If i start a new document, i don’t have the problem just painting on the default cube… i’m using 2.49.a on vista. It was working great for a while. Not sure what could have happened??

Possibly related: Painting in “texture paint” mode sometimes applied paint to the wrong image/layer unless i painted directly in the “UV/Image Editor”.

Thanks a bunch for any help!

I started a new file, and appended the object having the problem. Monkeyed around with it, and got it working… no idea how though :confused:

BUT when I paint in the 3d view (texture paint mode) the paint is applied to a map that i do not have selected in the uv editors popup menu :mad:

Any guesses??

I was changing maps in the uv editor while i was in texture paint mode. I just needed to be in edit mode to select the map to paint on :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks go to Sebastian Koenig for solving my problem :smiley:

I’ve also been experiencing oddities like the brush turning off so I’ll as my two cents and maybe our combined knowledge can help others etc…

It seems that in the 3D vies, if you zoom in so not all four vertices of a face are within the window, then texture painting onto the object face does not work… just zoom out a little. Also, having airbrush off generally works better so unless you are actually adding graduative tones or something, turn it off.