Texture Paint not working

I’m having some problems with texture painting. The model has a texture to paint on, is UV unwrapped but yet whenever I try to paint on it, it appears somewhere else on the texture and I can’t even see if it did paint something unless I view it in the UV/Image editor. Does any have any suggestions why this happens? :frowning:

Does the object have multiple UVs ? If so are you painting on the correct UVs.

Please supply demo blend file so we can see what you are actually talking about.

It has only one UV map. I actually know why that is happening what I do not know is how to solve that. It paints somewhere else because of the normals. But if I flip them it looks incorrect because the color of the mesh indicates it should be the other way around while it says that it is good to go. Anyways, here is the blend file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/42450


It is as Richard say…There is 2 uv in Your Blend.

Open Blend file go Texturepaint…It say: Missing textureslot.

Open UV/Image Editor: There is 2 Material…Default the one Texturepaint make when You click add Paint Slot.
And a Materiale.006 Alpha…The 006 Materiale have a 0 In front of it…It means it will be deleted when You save Blend File.

You can select the materiale You want to paint on in Uv/Image Editor.

Then go Properties - Materiale - Left Click to the right in color box and select Image Texture…Click open and select the same Materiale as You selected in UV/Image Editor.
Now Your model should have the Materiale You have selected and ready to paint on…

Hope I got ot all in…Puff Puff